Wellyworld Success!

Great weekend in Wellington for Team RBS!!

• Tara Murphy and her boy “Bolero Royal” qualified for Regionals at First Level Musical Freestyle AND scored their highest score to date (71.7%) 🎼

• Congratulations to Samantha Sawyer for earning her USDF Bronze Medal!! 🎖

• Elizabeth Campbell qualified for Regionals with Debbie Cangialosi’s “Calvador V” at Third Level 💙

Sweetheart Cup Success!

Absolutely FANTASTIC weekend for Royal Blue Stables in Orlando! Megan and Samantha both scored over 70%…Samantha earning Reserve Champion in her Second Level debut…Tara and Bolero proved to be a dynamic and super successful new team, while Tara and Glow continue their magic and quest to show what OTTBs can accomplish (both Bolero and Glow earned qualifying scores!!)…Lori and Dante earned a qualifying score at Second Level and can start working on a musical freestyle…Rebecca and Diamant earned a score towards Rebecca’s USDF Gold Medal – only ONE more to go! Carol and Yorum earned a qualifying score for First Level…and Alberta and Aries debuted at PSG and earned a qualifying score. Thank you to Team RBS for making this such a fun and successful weekend!! Next stop: Canterbury

Jubilee Dressage at Canterbury

Team RBS had a great time this past weekend at Canterbury!! 💙🎉

– Debbie Cangialosi and Chloe qualified for Regionals at Training Level

– Wendy & Bowie qualified for Regionals at 3rd Level, as well as had a successful I1 ride on Nico

– Lynne Prado & San Paulo received their first qualifying score at Third Level for Regionals

– Karen Kearney & Dragonheart earned 63.556% and 66.778% in Fourth Level Test 3…getting closer to that USDF Silver Medal!!

Grand Weekend at Grand Oaks!

What a wonderful weekend at Grand Oaks! We learned a lot, achieved personal successes, and had a lot of fun. Toni & Bounty (TR), Debbie & Chloe (TR), and Wendy & Bowie (3rd) all earned their first qualifying scores of the season!! Wendy & Diamant also qualified for Regionals at Intermediare I, and took another step towards earning her USDF Gold Medal! Nico also came for the party, and he and Wendy are working on fine tuning their partnership. Thank you to our entire team who made this very chilly weekend a great success! #royalbluestables #teamrbs #dressage #gypsyvanner #oldenburg #lusitano #kwpn #equestrianlife #orlandodressage

It’s HER time – Chloe earns her USDF Training Level Performance Certificate

This weekend, Chloe (aka “Point D’esprit”) earned her USDF Training Level Performance Certificate with owner Debbie Cangialosi aboard. Chloe has taught numerous riders up the levels to earn their medals, but she has never earned her Performance Certificates. Debbie has made honoring Chloe for her successes a personal goal for the 22 year old mare. Anyone who has ridden Chloe is thankful for the education and success she provides her riders. Now it’s her turn to be in the spotlight. #royalblurstables #chloe #pointdesprit #oldenburg #chestnutmare #upthelevels #usdf #performancecertificate #traininglevel

Cold Weather Won’t Stop RBS!!

From December 11th…After a very cold and wet weekend, we return happy with our accomplishments.

We welcomed back into the rated show ring Debbie & Chloe, Carol & Yorum, Lynne & Paulo, and Wendy & Royal Diamant. Great job ladies!! You all overcame challenges to find personal success this weekend. Job well done!!

Congratulations to Amber & Zoey on qualifying for Regionals in Training Level, and a successful debut at First Level!!

2017…What a Year!!

Congratulations to all of the Royal Blue Stables riders on their 2017 accomplishments!! 💙🎉🏆🏅The SDCTA annual holiday and awards party was a blast! #royalbluestables #teamRBS #champions #reservechampions #awards #dressage #sdcta #holidayparty #dressagequeens #upthelevels

2017 USDF Dressage Finals

Congratulations to our very own Elizabeth Campbell and “Fedon-Rubin Royal” for taking 8th Place with a 67.133% at Second Level Musical Freestyle Championship, and 10th Place with a 67.157% at First Level Open Championship at the U.S. Dressage Finals!!